Fire Department

Officers Kismet Fire Department

Chief Cody Baker
1st assistant Chief Tom Sitone Jr.
2nd Assistant Chief Buddy Schumacher
Treasurer Linda Nowachek
Secretary- Erin Wahlberg


Members Kismet Fire Department

Alteri, John Firefighter
Bellemare, Danielle Fire Police
Bertucci, Dominic Firefighter
Carleton, Joe Captain
Cole, Ashley Firefighter
Cole, Michael, Captain
Drum, Shawn, Firefighter
Epstein, Elliott, Firefighter
Fiore, Michael, Firefighter
Gallo, Ed Firefighter
Gerlich, Rudy Firefighter
Hanner, Joe, Firefighter
Kelley, Joseph Firefighter
Kelley, Brian Firefighter
Knoth, Christopher, Probationary Firefighter
Lambie, Dave Firefighter
Lem, Warren Firefighter
Leone, Gary Firefighter
Leone, Lauren Firefighter
Licari, Tom Firefighter
Lippert, Jay Engineer
McBride, Kryshia Firefighter
O’Connor, Janet Safety Officer
O’Halleran, Grady Captain
Phelan, Rusty Fire Police
Romanzi, Louis Firefighter
Spollen, Karen Captain
Sugrue, Jim Firefighter
Vasallo, Alexa Probationary Firefighter
Veljiacich, Nick Firefighter
Williams. Jon Firefighter
Wood, Sam Firefighter
Zlinka, Mike Firefighter


Kismet Fire District

Chairman of the Board, Sam Wood
Secretary – Art Weinstein
Larry Cole
Rusty Phelan
Gary Leone
Treasurer – Amy Wood

Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary

The Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary (KFDA) is comprised of homeowners and long term renters of the Kismet community. Our mission is to help support the Kismet Fire Department (KFD)in keeping it safe. We accomplish this by holding various fundraising activities throughout the year.

We currently are selling a 2020 Kismet Map, designed by Jim Phelan. It lists the names of Kismet homes and businesses.

We have an annual Plant Sale on the Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, until we sell out.

We have monthly raffle basket sales throughout the season & during the year when possible. These are a lot of fun and sought after.

During July and August we have weekly family and adult BINGO nights.

We are always looking at new ways to fund and fun raise.
KFDA members participate in the Annual Kismet 4th. of July Parade.

Our KFDA Board, comprises of:
President – Dana DeRuvo
Vice President – Ginny Butler
Treasurer – Patty Lyon
Secretary – Jackie Breen Compitello
KCA Liaison – Gary Leone
KFD Liaison – Karen Spollen